A House at the Bottom of a Lake short summary & analysis

A House at the Bottom of a Lake



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A House at the Bottom of a Lake - Josh Malerman

Categories:Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Horror

A House at the Bottom of a Lake Analysis

Famous for his Bird Box book, Josh Malerman is an American writer, singer and actor, born July 24, 1975. He is a member of the music band The High Strung.

A house at the bottom of a lake is a book that attracts attention with its name and cover design. Curious and engaging! In addition, from beginning to end the reader does not drown into the details, constantly dynamic, and there is an immersive language.

A House at the Bottom of a Lake Short Summary

The book begins when 17-year-old James asked 17-year-old Amelia. Amelia enthusiastically accepts this offer and is contracting to meet on the lake. James thinks it would be fun to be in the lake on his first dates by canoeing. On the day of the meeting, James and Amelia are landing in the lake with James' uncle's canoe and they are rowing to the second lake, which is quieter than the lake. They see a passage when they are thinking of eating there, and they think that this passage can be opened to a third lake. When they succeed to pass the quite narrow tunnel -they even got stuck for a minute there- they realize that there is a third lake. However this lake is dirtier than others...

Dialogue continues to advance by chatting. Right now they are discovering a roof under the water that hangs in the air. Amelia and James wondered what was under this roof, and they were swimming in the lake. First, James leaves and the two-story, a large house meets, but not stay enough to enter the house. In fact, James is always stays in the background of the house during the book. Amelia is in the house. However there is a huge thing waiting for her. The house is furnished! And everything is in place. Even the plates in the bottom of the lake seem to be nailed on the table.

Amelia, who throws herself in the canoe, decides that when she tells James, they both need diving suits. And she always finds herself coming in here. In the meantime, they are more connected to each other and even dreaming about the future. After a while they build a raft on the lake where they can sleep together and tie it to the roof of the house. They also feel oddly uneasy throughout the whole process. But no matter what happens, they don't stop going back, in and out. Especially for Amelia the home is becoming an addiction. They're in and out of all the rooms. Even the water in the indoor swimming pool that they discovered at home is separate from the water of the lake. After a while, they realize that there is someone else living in the house.

With this fear, they can't get close to the house for over a week. And during this time, they never see each other. Amelia is always hearing water sounds. James sees a flood of water in his room when he wakes up one morning. Everywhere else in the house besides that room is dry. After that incident, our couple, cannot stand it and they go to say “hello” to the house. Amelia sees the person who lives in the house but suddenly the house disappears.

I'd rather leave it as an enigma than tell more about it, but that wasn't the last I expected. I would say it was mediocre but it wasn’t. Yes, it was interesting and unexpected, but after the end I needed to research about the second book because it ended hanging. Final excited me but left me hanging. In short, the final was more like a season finale rather than the final.

Apart from that, we can see how courageous the two people are throughout the book. The events they experienced and the way they were portrayed were quite plain and able to reflect emotion. It is a book that can be finished in one day and can be dragged into another world, even a completely different world. Remember, the fact that a house is empty means that no one's there?