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The Education of Little Tree


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The Education of Little Tree - Forrest Carter

Categories:Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

The Education of Little Tree Analysis

Forrest Carter writes "Education of the Little Tree" in 1976. Written with the autobiographical technique, the novel deals with the education of the child, nicknamed the Little Tree. When we look at Forrest Carter's own life, we see that he coincides with the hero "Little Tree". He also belonged to a Native American family and, like Little Tree, grew up with his grandmother and grandfather after having no parents. He cannot continue his education after losing them at the age of ten. The overlap of the writer's life has made the novel even more believable. This novel full of wisdom has been translated into almost all world languages. I think it is a must-read book with small footnotes about education. Stay with the book.

The Education of Little Tree Short Summary

The novel, which is described through the eyes of a five-year-old boy nicknamed a small tree, contains many clues about education. A year after his father died, his mother also dies. His grandma's name is Bonnie Bee. The name of his grandfather is Wales. Her grandfather and grandmother take the child, nicknamed the Little Tree, into a place intertwined with nature where no one lives. They hear a barking sound in that settlement. They call this dog the Elder Maud. The sense of smell of this dog is quite good. One morning, the grandfather began to speak loudly to the grandmother knowing that Little Tree is asleep. They speak loudly so that Little Tree can hear them. Then the Little Tree wakes up. He comes close to his grandfather. Then they set up a trap for a turkey nest on a pathway. They pit the hole and camouflage the top with leaves and branches. Five turkeys fall for one trap. Grandpa and the Little Tree approach this trap. Grandpa ties their feet by holding these five turkeys. Grandpa tells the Little Tree to choose three weak turkeys among them. Little Tree does what your grandfather wants. He chooses three of the weak turkeys. Grandpa tells that strong turkeys trust that they are strong bring failure. The weak turkeys are aware that they are weak. They strive to be strong. Grandpa calls Elder Maud and the other dog Ringer to the cottage whistling in order not to humiliate them against other dogs. The reason he called was that Elder Maud and the other dog Ringer did not fulfill their duty to protect the cornfield. They could not protect the cornfield from deer, raccoon, pigs and crows. Elder Maud and the other dog Ringer immediately explain this to the grandfather. They say they have no crime, and the reason for this is the Elder Helm and other dog Rippitt's fault. Grandpa then sets up a plan. And the Elderly Deceiver and the other dog caught them in the act by playing games to Rippitt. After that, older Maud and Ringer become more careful. A car appears in front of them as Grandfather and Little Tree set out to take the path. A woman in it asks how to go to Chattanooga. In the grandfather's tradition, it is acceptable to ask for salute and then to ask for something. The woman asked the address directly without greetings. This makes the grandfather angry. She also gives the woman a constant speech. It gives the address very confused. The woman does not understand anything from the address and thinks that they are foreign there and asks if they are foreigners. After grandfather sighs and exhales, I think so, he replies. Little Tree wonders why his grandfather said, I think so. In the evening, he asks grandpa. This story is about the grandfather's brother, Enoch. Uncle Enoch is addicted to drinking. He commits suicide from the balcony but does not die. He goes to prison because he is with the prostitutes and does not pay money. This event takes place in Chattanooga. He won't come there again. After that hour, she feels that she is a stranger there. Grandpa says that he is not a stranger, but a stranger to a place that doesn't belong. Little Tree understands what your grandfather said over time. Grandpa always appeals to his wife that she is his friend. This means he loves her. Grandpa is engaged in making whiskey. He is a man who is also aware of the fact that everyone looks badly at this profession. Grandparents decide to teach Little Tree about his past. They explain how the white men signed the paper to the Cherokees and returned from their words. There is no state behind the Cherokee, but behind the white settlers, the state has registered bullying. The aim is to know the child's past. They go to the field to do business with an ox named Elder Sam. Old Sam's eyes are blind. Her grandfather advises the child to be patient for this ox. One day their dog Ringer disappears. When they found it, the dog's tongue was out, and it was dead. Grandpa embraces Ringer in burlap. Grandpa tells the boy that what is good when he gets older will be remembered. The child starts making money by helping his grandparents. Thanks to the grandmother, they borrow books from the library and read books. Little Tree tries to learn words every day. Grandpa gives pocket money to the child and he accumulates them. Little Tree, who learns words everyday thanks to the grandmother, learns the phrase "to contempt" that day. He sets up a sentence about this. Grandpa looks at him harshly and says that it would be correct to say I cannot stand instead of contempt. From time to time, the shadows of the Little Tree living peacefully with grandparents. Small Tree is asked to be given to the law, orphanage. The settlers, whom they describe as white men, exile them from their homes. The bus, where the Little Tree is put, leaves it in front of the orphanage. Then she learns that her grandfather was thrown in prison here. A woman is waiting for the Little Tree with an umbrella. He takes the child to the manager. He tells him not to speak unless asked. His job at the orphanage is to sweep the floor. She makes a friend at the age of twelve named Wilburn. This duo does not participate in other children playing games. Because Wilburn's foot is curved, he cannot walk and cries secretly every night. Little Tree spends its playing time by talking to the oak tree in the garden of the orphanage. Sometimes families who want to adopt come to take care of the children. One day, one of the teachers opens a debate on the deer picture when orphans teach lessons in the classroom. One child says that these deer ran away from the hunters. Little Tree asks to talk and says that the deer is on the mating season. Then the fat lady will take him to the principal’s office. Principal will make him open his back. With a thick stick he hits his back until the stick breaks. His shirt will become bloody. He gets punished by not eating for a week. At Christmas time, charitable people will bring, Christmas gifts. In the evening, while looking at the building in the garden, Little Tree sees his grandfather. Grandpa and Little Tree embrace longing. After a long journey, the Little Tree gets the grandmother. That year, winter is harsh. When summer comes, Little Tree turns seven. There is an old man called Willow John. This man lives with hunting. He lives in a place far from everyone. Stopping visiting grandfather, Willow John worries the family. They also pick up Grandpa, Grandma, and Little Tree dogs to search for Willow John and set off early in the morning. This journey will be the one where everyone will be lost one by one. They bring their dogs named Blue Boy and Little Red with them. They find Willow John. Willow John is lying on the ground ecstatic. Little Tree tells that Willow John may have the flu because it is a flu pandemic. They cover it with a blanket. Willow John is dead. They embed it upon the will of the fir tree upon their will. Grandpa's feet get stuck on the path. So, he dies. Grandma then dies. He also pinned the note he wrote. The dead Blue Boy buries his dog near the little tree grandfather and grandmother. The Little Tree is left alone. The end of the book sadly ends here.


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