The Fault in Our Stars short summary & analysis

The Fault in Our Stars


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The Fault in Our Stars - John Green


The Fault in Our Stars Analysis

The Fault in Our Stars Short Summary

Hazel, a 16-year-old, was able to extend her life a little longer thanks to a medication that benefited her it was a new developing medication and was not very effective to most of the patients. One day she joins a support group, the girl meets Augustus, a teenager in the support group. He also likes her, and on the first encounters he invites Hazel to watch a film in their house.

Together, they watch the movie V for Vendetta, and Hazel recommends the book that she likes and that she read it over and over again. She says they're not gonna meet again without he finishes the book. Then he reads the book as soon as possible and remains under the influence of the book. But there are many unanswered questions in the book, and Hazel cannot reach the writer somehow. He reaches the writer in order to make her happy, and the author invites them to Amsterdam, where he lives and wants to talk to them face to face. But Hazel's family has no way of meeting such a trip, and Hazel has used her only wish.

Augustus helps Hazel again and uses the only wish to do so. They go to Amsterdam for a few days, but they find a troubled writer. The author is rude to Hazel instead of giving her the answers she wants. The couple spend their romantic time in Amsterdam, but they go back without getting what they want. This turn also reveals a painful truth. Augustus' disease has relapsed and he has no more time left.

Hazel does not leave his boyfriends side and they spend his last moments together. Augustus wants to write the end of the book because Hazel could not get the answers in Amsterdam, but he couldn’t write it because of his sickness. Finally, he writes a letter to the author and passes on his last wish to the writer before he dies. That letter actually contains the answers Hazel wants.