The BFG (Big Friendly Giant) short summary & analysis

The BFG (Big Friendly Giant)


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The BFG (Big Friendly Giant) - Roald Dahl

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The BFG (Big Friendly Giant) Analysis

Roald Dahl, a novel and story writer, became famous for his children's books published in the 1940s. The Big Friendly Giant is published in England in 1982. In the book, the fairy tale story of the orphanage girl Sophie is told. The events show up in the book when Big Friendly Giant, who is dreaming children at night, kidnaps Sophie. The book addresses children aged between 8 and 11.

Adults can easily read this book and make inferences according to themselves.

The BFG (Big Friendly Giant) Short Summary

Sophie is laying on the bed, not able to sleep. Sophie knows that the giants and a lot of fairy heroes wake up at night and whoever sees them are called “come in a better time”. As every child is curious, she gets up from the bed and turns to the window. Looking out the window, the houses and trees outside have already started to look different. While watching the street, she sees something black and long. This black-looking long thing is the Big Giant. The Big Giant looks inside through the windows of the houses and blows the trumpet he takes out of his bag. Sophie watches the Big Giant with her curious eyes. Just then, Sophie and the Big Giant catch the eye. Sophie hugs her blanket, frightened and trembling. The Big Giant stretches out his hand through the window of Sophie's building. Sophie screams in the meantime, but her scream is interrupted when Big Giant takes it. Big Giant wraps Sophie in a blanket and takes it. In the other hand, he has a bag and a trumpet.

It leaves the town with quick steps to the moonlight. Meanwhile, she thinks that Big Giant is running fast, because it is hungry, and it is thinking Sophie as food. It brings Sophie to a huge cave where it lives, crossing the seas, rivers and forests. The Big Giant leaves Sophie on the table and then approaches her. Sophie is still afraid that the Big Giant will eat her. The Big Giant comes across Sophie and says that it is hungry. The Big Giant talks about the eating style of the Bonecruncher Giant, a human eating giant. He tells her that the Bonecruncher Giant likes to eat Indians and that every day, it goes to India, running. So, Sophie asks why they eat people in India. The Big Giant says that the Bonecruncher Giant ate the Indians because their mouth was watering. It says that it does not eat humans like other giants. After all this discussion, it explains that it is a Big Giant who has a big heart and they call it Big Friendly Giant and it does not eat humans. Sophie asks that why it kidnapped her. The Big Friendly Giant says that because she saw it. The Big Friendly Giant tells Sophie that she should not go outside while it is not near. Sophie disagrees with it, but it talks about the human eating giants. It takes Sophie into its hand and shows outside to see the giants. All of the giants are ugly, fat and taller than the Big Friendly Giant. Sophie agrees with Big Friendly Giant about it. Sophie asks Big Friendly Giant why it got there that night. Big Friendly Giant tells her that it blows dreams to the children and that he is a dreamer giant. Sophie is very surprised. Big Friendly Giant tells that it can hear the voice of flowers, insects, trees, stars. Big Friendly Giant is upset that it has separated Sophie from her family. Sophie tells it not to be upset, that she has no mother or father. Big Friendly Giant is also very sorry about this situation. A big tear drop falls down and makes a sound. Big Friendly Giant tells Sophie about a vegetable called Cucumber, the only food in the Land of Giants. It is not to be eaten. Big Friendly Giant has to eat it because it does not eat people. Sophie says she doesn't have to feed on this vegetable. She tells that many vegetables are grown in the fields. Big Friendly Giant says that stealing is not a good thing. A giant called the Bloodbottler enters inside, hearing voices in the cave.

It asks the Big Friendly Giant that who is he talking to. The Big Friendly Giant says that it was talking to itself. Sophie takes the seed from the cucumber and hides inside it. The Big Friendly Giant does not know where Sophie is and gives Bloodbottler the cucumber. When it eats the cucumber, he spits them all over the floor. Then Sophie hides behind the cape of the Big Friendly Giant. When the Bloodbottler leaves, the Big Friendly Giant looks for Sophie, worried.

Sophie says she will help it if she wants to get rid of these giants. Sophie says she doesn't like this cheesy vegetable and wants to drink water. Big Friendly Giant says there is no water, they drink soda instead. Sophie likes this drink. She says that they call it coke where she came from. Big Friendly Giant tells her that it will go dream hunting and Sophie can come if she wants to. Sophie does not like this because she is afraid of giants. Big Friendly Giant puts her in the pocket of its vest. It makes a small hole for her to see around. They set out to road while speaking. The giants, who see the Big Friendly Giant from a distance, intercept the Big Friendly Giant. They throw it back and forth among themselves. They change the path of Big Friendly Giant. In a short time, Big Friendly Giant and Sophie come to the Land of Dreams. Meanwhile, there is a matter being questioned. It is argued that no other living thing other than humans harms its own kind. Indeed, giants feed on people, but people are not so different. They also eat pigs and different creatures. In the Land of Dreams, Big Friendly Giant catches a dream butterfly. After closing the jar, he catches a bad dream, Karakoncolos. They close the jar on him. The Big Friendly Giant gets upset because it caught a bad dream. But it does not let him out of the jar. When they came back to the Giant’s country, all of the giants are asleep. The Big Friendly Giant has an idea. It wants to give Karakoncolos to the Fleshlumpeater. Sophie helps it. The Fleshlumpeater starts having a bad dream and hurts other Giants. Then all other giants start beating the Fleshlumpeater. Big Friendly Giant sits at their desk and is busy writing labels on its dreams. Sophie reads what Big Friendly Giant wrote at the same table. It attracts so much attention that the old camel asks what it says. Big Friendly Giant tells that it wrote a label to remind its dream jars. Sophie insists on reading the label of other dream jars. The old giant fails to break it and directs Sophie in the palm of her hand to the jar. Sophie sees and reads dreams of boys and girls. While the success of these dreams shows success in girls' dreams, there are issues such as invisibility and invention in men's dreams. The giants which are fighting go to feed themselves in England with the roar as they fight. Because they're gone, the old giant and Sophie go out for a while. Sophie offers Big Friendly Giant to save the human beings that giants want to eat. The old giant says that this is not possible. Sophie has a plan in mind. She asks Big Friendly Giant to prepare a special dream for the queen. The old giant says that this is possible. They set out to prepare a dream so that the queen can see all the facts. Sophie describes the old giant dreaming. Together with the dream jar they prepared, they set out for London. Hiding in the ear of the old giant during the journey, Sophie takes care to speak in the voice that the old giant can hear. Big Friendly Giant places the dream jar in its pocket. As they go on their way, they see nine giants returning from eating. They arrive in London in a short time. They reach the back garden of the palace and find the queen's room. Big Friendly Giant blows the dream to the queen with a trumpet. It leaves Sophie next to the window to see her when the queen wakes up. The old giant hides in the dark. When the queen wakes up in the morning, her maid comes. When she lifts the curtain, she sees Sophie. The queen immediately recognizes Sophie for dreaming. She listens to the little girl about what is going on. Sophie introduces the Big Friendly Giant and the queen. The queen makes a kind offer to have breakfast together. A suitable environment is prepared for the comfort of Big Friendly Giant. Sophie tells what happened to the queen. Big Friendly Giant tells her where the nine giants are going. Once all of this is confirmed, Big Friendly Giant and the queen plan are put into practice. Air and land commanders come to catch giants. Nine helicopters are prepared for each giant. Big Friendly Giant requests the queen to bring it the dream potions.

The queen agrees. To catch the nine giants, Big Friendly Giant, Sophie hiding in her ear, and nine helicopters following them set off. All giants are barely connected to the helicopter. Dream potions of Big Friendly Giant are loaded into jeeps. Big Friendly Giant comes back to the helicopters with a sack on its back. Together they return to London. When they arrived, a huge pit was dug for nine giants. Giants are placed in that hole. They gave vegetables called cucumber with a disgusting taste, as a vegetable. The Big Friendly Giant also brought seeds to grow this vegetable. A house is built for Big Friendly Giant. Likewise, a small cabin is made for Sophie. Big Friendly Giant volunteers to teach Sophie about spelling mistakes and reading. Big Friendly Giant, who advances itself in reading, becomes a writer. The book it wrote is also this beautiful book we read.


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