The Adventures of Tom Sawyer short summary & analysis

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer


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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - Mark Twain

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Analysis

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer who inspired many is the child character that Mark Twain introduced to the world of art. This book, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, appeals to not only kids but also grown-ups in terms of relating to things in it. Throughout the adventure, we can see that childhood is such a brave and innocent phase. One can feel that it is the best times of whole life and what is real friendship is. If you also missed the warm summer days and gleeful days of yours, this journey would do very good to you.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Short Summary

Tom Sawyer lives in the town of St. Petersburg with his aunt Polly, step-brother Sid, and niece Molly. He has a reputation in the town for his naughtiness. No matter how much his aunt Polly loves him, she cannot help but get mad at him.

Tom has a friend, Amy but a girl named Becky moves to the town and steals his heart.

After he gets his knuckles rapped in the class, he finds a way to sit next to Becky. Somehow, he impresses her makes her fall for him. These two kids start to play when it is not school time. He proposes to her and she accepts. They get engaged in their own way. When Tom blurts out that he was engaged with his ex-girlfriend Amy as well, Becky resents him and repels him

Vexed, walking around he comes across with the ‘creep’ of the town, Huck. He has a dead cat in his hand. They become friends and as they believe that dead cat gets rid of warts, they decide to go to the cemetery during the full moon. In the cemetery, they hear some voices and see one of the most violent criminals of St. Petersburg, Muf Potter, Indian Co and Doctor Robinson digging a grave. A fight breaks out when two bandits want Money from the Doctor. Out of nowhere, native Co hits Potter and knocks him out. Then, Co stabs Doctor in the heart and slips the knife in Potter’s hand. When Potter wakes up, he accepts that he did commit the murder as he was drunk anyway. The kids frighten to death, they run out of the crime scene at full speed.

Tom is not happy at home. It brings down his mood that he is not in good terms with Becky. Tom is dedicated to leave St. Petersburg and become a ‘grown’ man. Tom and Huck decide to be pirates and taking Tom’s friend Joe Harper, they hit the road at night. They sail with a boat to an island nearby. As the days pass, people believe that the kids drown in the river. They decide to arrange a funeral. Tom’s curiosity gets the better of him as he wants to see if people cry after him. He goes back home in the middle of the night and seeing his aunt miserable, he feels so sad. He returns to the island and three kids who were done with the harsh living conditions on the island, decide to go back home. They attend the funeral at the church on Sunday. First, everyone thrills with the fact that they are back, but then they rage with anger.

Gaining respect at the school, Tom becomes a cool person. Only Becky is an exception. Since Becky is jealous of the close relationship between Tom and Amy, she becomes closer to another boy. In the meantime, Muf Potter’s case is being heard. Tom who helps Muf Potter in the jail as well, conscientiously tells the court everything he saw. Judge sentences the Indian Co to death but Co escapes. Days of terror starts for Tom

After this, the town treats Tom as a hero. Tom cannot help himself again and take Huck to hunt for treasure. Wandering in the ruins, they come across with someone they are familiar with. Indian Co and a friend of him come there to bury their gold and money. Seeing they left, kids come out of the place they hide and decide to take Co’S Money and gold.

Things settle down a bit as Co is not around. Tom makes it up with Becky and they go for a picnic that Becky’s family organize. In the caves, Tom and Becky go missing. All the kids and adults go back to town with a boat. As they told their families that they will sleep in each other’s houses, no one realizes their absence until the next day. Kids search for a way out the cave but as the time passes, they fall weak because of hunger and deprivation of water. They are desperate and hopeless. While Tom wanders in the caves, as if nothing can go worse, he sees Indian Co. That makes it harder to survive. But just they are near death, they manage to get out.

All the people in the town welcome them happily when they go back. Becky’s father has the entrances of the caves closed with iron bars. Tom tells them that Indian Co is inside. The lifeless body of him is found when they arrive. Even though he relaxes with the feeling of comfort, thinking Co’s familiar hopeless fear he gets a bit sad. Suddenly he remembers the gold and money of him. Huck and he settle on going to the caves to take the treasure. They bring rope and candles with them in order not to get lost. Kids dig under the symbol of the Indian Co and get whole of it. Both of them are very rich now.

When Tom is in the caves, many things happen to Huck. Huck follows a couple of bad guys and saves Mrs. Douglas. After these, Mrs. Douglas who lives alone decides to adopt homeless Huck. However, Huck leaves home as he is no familiar with all these. Tom finds him and persuades to go back. Promising to embark on new adventures, two buddies set off back home.


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