The Prince and the Pauper short summary & analysis

The Prince and the Pauper


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The Prince and the Pauper - Mark Twain

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The Prince and the Pauper Analysis

The work of the Prince and the Pauper, who teaches the rich about the poor, and the poor about the rich, is not only a children's book. It can appeal to all ages with its striking and adventurous fiction.

The conscience of the heroes in the book the Prince and the Pauper shows us the greatness of compassion before the law.

Because there are a few things that will save humanity: friendship, love and compassion.

The Prince and the Pauper Short Summary

In the mid-sixteenth century, a child named Tom Canty was born in England. His family was very poor. His grandmother and father were very cruel people. His father taught Tom to beg. Tom was a very good boy despite this bad environment.

The same day, the son of the king of England, Edward was born. London welcomed this child with great joy.

Tom began to aspire of the lives of high-ranking people from the tales he read. He really wanted to see a prince. One day he managed to go to the palace and contact the prince. The prince was already very merciful. Despite his young age, he treated his people well.

Tom chatted with the prince about his life. Starting with his family, rolling in the mud and having fun, even though he's filthy. The Prince was fascinated by this life, "I would stop being a king to have so much fun." said. Tom's father and grandmother used to make him beg. The prince was upset when he heard them.

The prince suddenly realized that they were very similar. They replaced each other by changing their clothes. The prince left the room to resent the servants who mistreated Tom. After leaving, he never came back. Because Tom had his clothes on. After wearing these clothes, the Prince became despised by everyone. Because according to the public, he was a street kid. The only thing they didn't know was that he would become the new king of England.

Edward was surprised at what he would do. He tried to find Tom's house, remembering that he had a conversation with Tom. He was very angry with the children who taunted him while he searched the way home. Thinking that these children were left uneducated, he wanted to ensure that everyone became educated when he became king. Because according to him an uneducated people could not develop. He went to the hardships at Tom's house. Tom's father, John, was mean to him. Tom's mother was the only one to hold this vulnerable child in his arms.

After the two children changed each other's fates, the Lords at the head of the false prince thought that the young boy had gone mad. Because Tom couldn't manage to be a prince properly. He's told what happened to him again and again. But the king said that he was ill, and ordered not to let anyone know about it.

Edward had a hard time adjusting to this life, and Tom eventually learned to be a prince. After a while, the king died of the disease. Tom became the king. As soon as he became king, he abolished the old laws and brought the laws of mercy.

Tom was so compassionate that he rescued a noble being executed.

Miles Hendon rescued him when Edward was beaten up on the street one day. He decided to adopt this child. He took him to his father's house and took him home. Edward always claimed Hendon was a prince. He thought the poor boy was mentally ill.

As for Tom, our merciful king who had abolished the bloody laws of England continued to save people's lives. He saved a woman from being accused of witchcraft. She had to be hung by the old law. Tom told her if she could prove she was a sorcerer in public, she'd be free with her son. But the young woman cried and said that she was not a sorceress. Tom believed this woman. Because if that woman had her mother in her place, she'd confess to being a sorcerer and save her son.

Edward always treated Hendon like a prince. Hendon patiently responded to his condition.

John Canty killed a priest. That's why he had to flee the country. One day he secretly kidnapped Hendon, who he thought was Hendon's own son. Because he wanted to make him beg where he was going.

Despite all this, Hendon didn't let go of Edward. He found him with difficulty.

Tom had learned to be king. He remembered Edward once in a while, and he was remorseful. He wondered what he was doing like this. Could he have been in any trouble? These questions began to be very wearing. Then he immediately forgot about it. Because he wanted to get rid of this remorse.

Edward and Hendon went to the dungeon on a charge. Hendon saved Edward many times. This little boy threw himself in front of the whips so he wouldn't be whipped.

The coronation of Tom was to be held in London. Edward asked Hendon for help. Together they reached this ceremony.

Seeing Edward during the ceremony, Tom was amazed. The public was more confused. Because there was a child claiming to be king. And this kid looked a lot like Tom. Tom told all about what happened in front of the public. Edward was the real king, but nobody believed it.

Later, Edward recalled the location of the great Great Britain seal, which was lost, so he became a real king. The people asked that fake king Tom be punished. Edward didn't punish him. Because, for a short time, he had lived the life of his friend Tom, he had endured difficulties. He saw what he was going through. This poor boy also ruled the country. Edward enjoyed it very much. Because the laws of mercy protect people from death.

In the face of all of this, Hendon was surprised. His adopted child had not lost his mind. He was a real king.

The thoughtful King Edward made Tom a knight. Tom continued his life as a manager in the orphanage. The people have always called him "the knight in the king's custody."

Edward gave Hendon the title of count. He also made a knight. These two people became close friends of the king during his lifetime.

Unfortunately, King Edward passed away a few years later. Tom lived for many years. It was never forgotten by the people in these two children who were merciful kings at the time of evil England.


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