The Snows of Kilimanjaro short summary & analysis

The Snows of Kilimanjaro


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The Snows of Kilimanjaro - Ernest Hemingway

Categories:Action & Adventure

The Snows of Kilimanjaro Analysis

The book is a beautiful Hemingway work consisting of nine stories written in a very fluent, plain, understandable language. There are places in stories that are not clear where the event started or where it went. The end of some stories is uncertain, although we can say that they are a bit lacking in this respect, but nine stories are good.

The Snows of Kilimanjaro Short Summary

Harry is a writer. However, he is a writer who does not pour enough of what he thinks and wants or cannot pour it on paper. He has fallen in love with many people, and now he is with the woman he is most recently in love with. She is a rich woman who tries to make Harry happy and do whatever he says. Africa used to vaccinate Harry's desire to write, and he came to Africa with the woman he fell in love with to wake up the desire to write. With an unexpected accident there, they wait for the plane to arrive, with the leg too close to gangrene. Meanwhile, Harry thinks of the past and the death that is very close to him. He thinks of his first love, when he was a soldier, what he wanted to write while sitting in his poor neighborhood. He falls into a deep sleep as he thinks and thinks that they cannot write. When he wakes up in the morning, the plane will take Harry to the doctor. Harry gets on the plane, sees the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, and dies on the spot. The last thing he sees is Kilimanjaro's snows.

A Clean and Bright Place

An old man whose wife is dead sits in a clean, bright and quiet place every day until late in the night. His sitting delays the waiters from going home, and the waiters complain about it. They continue to gossip about this man who attempted suicide last week and eventually send the old man and close the cafe, saying there is no drink left.

Waiting for a Day

Schatz gets sick suddenly. His father calls a doctor for him. The doctor says that he has nothing important and stops taking medicine. His father reads him until the medication time comes. After giving his medication, he goes on a quail hunt, when they arrive, his father sees that he is crying because he thinks that he will die and soothes the child.

Gambler, Nun and Radio

When a Mexican and a Russian eat together, an unrecognizable person comes in and he shots them. They are hospitalized. Mr. Frezar is a cop. He interrogates the Mexican, but the Mexican doesn't know who shot them or what happened. The nun is greatly affected by the Mexican situation and tries to help him. She constantly prays for him and asks the police to send him a visitor. The police find three Mexican criminals and send them to visit him. At first, Mr. Frezar speaks to them and learns that the Mexican patient is a gambler. The next morning, he meets with the Mexican patient.

Fathers and Their Sons

Nick, who was accustomed to fishing and hunting at a young age with his father, is now going for a ride with his own son. Meanwhile, his past came to his mind. His father gave him his first weapon, his first hunt, his Native American friends, with whom he hunted when he was young, all came to his mind. He shared everything with his father until the age of fifteen and did not hide anything. His father is a very good hunter and can fish very well. While teaching these sports to his son Nick, he also completes his moral education. He taught the subtleties from a young age, such that it is useful to use the gun in the right place and time, not to use the gun outside of the hunt and not too much during the hunt. However, his father is now dead, and he inherited these two sports. Nick also teaches his son these things. While thinking about these, he separates his son Nick from thoughtfulness and asks his grandfather. The speech ends with the decision to bring the grave of his grandfather to the farm.

On another Country

Four wounded young people from the war find each other on the way back to the hospital. Two of them took medals because they were two young people who had great struggles in the war, the other got medals because he was American and the last one could not get medals because he could only stand on the battlefield for an hour. All soldiers, on the other hand, exclude each other. At that time, a newly arrived machine was tested by an officer and one of these young people. The officer has no faith in this. Although their doctors try to fulfill the belief of the Officer, the officer will not believe it.


Al and Max come to the small town to kill the man named Ol. They enter George's restaurant, taking Nick, Sam and George hostage, waiting for Ol Anderson to arrive. Ol Anderson normally gets there every evening at six o'clock, while he doesn't want to go out of his room tonight and come to eat. Al and Max wait until seven o'clock for Ol Anderson to arrive, leaving the hostages free when he does not. Nick immediately goes to inform Ol Anderson, but Ol Anderson says they can't do anything. Nick returns to the restaurant and tells George that he wants to leave the town.

Like You Never Could Be

In order to relieve the soldiers' hearts during the war, an Italian officer dressed in an American soldier uniform is told about the experiences, dreams and fears of what happened. His biggest fear is to be bombarded on a river. He has to leave without telling this to his friend Para. In order for the soldiers to believe that he was an American officer, he had to bring things like chocolate and cigarettes with him. He leaves the battalion again to find these things.

Fifty Thousand Dollars

Jack is a good boxer, but the fact that he misses his wife and children a lot makes him miserable and wants to quit. This will be his last game. When he began to sleep and not feel well at night, he invested fifty thousand dollars for the bet. Confident that he will lose this match, he goes into the ring, starts fighting, at first everything moves towards Jack's win, even fouls his opponent, but Jack does not accept it and continues the fight. After having a solid beating, he loses himself and fouls. The match ends there, and Jack loses.

Short and Happy Life of Francis Macomber

Together with his wife, Mr. Macomber begins taking lessons from Wilson to learn hunting. The first day, after catching a lion, Mr. Macomber shots a lion, after that he runs away with fear. Mr. Macomber felt embarrassed to his wife, his butler and Mr. Wilson. He wanted to compensate it the next day, he goes bison hunting again with his wife and Mr. Wilson. At first everything goes well, he shots three bison and Mr. Macomber felt confident again. When he saw the first bison that he shot, started to run away, he went after it. Another bison started to run towards them but neither Wilson nor Mr. Macomber could not manage to shoot it. Mrs. Macomber got scared something will happen to her husband and tried to shoot the bison, however, accidentally shoots her husband, Mr. Macomber.


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