The Kite Runner short summary & analysis

The Kite Runner


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The Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini

Categories:History & Criticism

The Kite Runner Analysis

Invasion of Afghanistan by Soviet Union created much drama and the best book which explains this tragedy, is the Kite Runner. It depicts the situations through two boys’ eyes so perfect, that it made Khaled Hosseini the best-known Afghan author.

The Kite Runner Short Summary

Emir and Hasan are two best friends who grew up together and shared breast feeding, from each other’s mothers. Emir’s father is known in the area as an influential and helpful. Hasan’s father is an employee of Emir’s father. Everything was perfect until, Emir and Hasan get themselves in trouble and Hasan takes all the blame in order to save Emir. Emir runs away from the place instead of supporting Hasan and leaves him alone. Hasan gets beaten, in a way he cannot forget, and Emir only watches it.

Emir is ashamed because of his action and cannot even look at Hasan. However, they live together, and he feels this shame every day. It gets hard dealing with this every day and Emir plans a trap for Hasan to make him seem like a thief and thus causing his father to get fired. Even though Emir’s father forgives him and ignores the situation, Hasan’s father is embarrassed, and he takes his son and leaves the area.

In the meanwhile, the invasion of Afghanistan by Soviet Union starts and Emir and his father losses everything. Upon this, they try to go to United States with what little they have left. But, in his new life Emir lives with his shame and regret from his past, to change the situation which he is in.

Years pass and now a grown-up man, Emir, gets a phone call from Afghanistan. The caller says that Hasan is in trouble and is in need of help. Getting an opportunity to relief his conscious, Emir leaves his life in the US and goes back to Afghanistan. When he is back, he finds out that the situation is even worse. Hasan is dead, but he has a son. In order to save his son, he faces with the same situation as before, in which he ran away. He will either run away again and will be left with his conscious or this time he will resist and save Hasan’s son and pay his debt.