Pride and Prejudice short summary & analysis

Pride and Prejudice


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Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen


Pride and Prejudice Analysis

Pride and Prejudice was written by Jane Austen when she was in her 20s, and it is one of the best classical novels that has a smooth language. Therefore, it must be read.

The author of the book, Jane Austen, had a complicated love life. Jane Austen, who has an unhappy love story, is said to have ended her book with a happy ending in defiance of her unhappy ending. Also, it is predicted that Austen has wrote in collaboration with her love life.

Pride and Prejudice Short Summary

The Bennet family consist of seven people, Mr. and Mrs. Bennet and their daughters Lydia, Mary, Kitty, Elizabeth and Jane Bennet. Mrs. Bennet is a narrow-minded and shallow person whose biggest goal is to marry off her daughters to rich and powerful men. As opposed to Mrs. Bennet, Mr. Bennet is a very smart and solid gentleman. Kitty and Lydia are wandering off to balls to parties, having fun with men just like their mother wants. Mary is pretty introverted and always reads books. The biggest sister Jane, is the most beautiful, humble and best behaved one. The main character Elizabeth is like her father; smart, knows how to behave, beautiful though not as beautiful as her older sister.

Everything starts with, young and rich man named Charles Bingley’s move to a rental mansion near the Bennet family. Mrs. Bennet is really excited about this move, because marrying of one of her daughters with this man is highly possible. She pressures her husband into meeting this young gentleman. This way they can invite Bingley to their house.

After Mr. Bingley’s move, he sees Jane in a ball and fancies her. But her sisters and her best friend Fitwilliam do not think that way. Sure, the sisters are beautiful but their pride does not let a low class girl to get close to them. Bingley and Elizabeth dance in the ball many times, though Darcy and Elizabeth dance just once. Although after this dance he says, “She is a nice girl, but not enough to attract me. Also, I’m not in the mood to entertain the girls who were rejected by other men.” In the mean time, Elizabeth hears this and gets so angry. This was their first dispute.

After the ball, Bingley is in awe of Jane, invites her to his house. To make her stay in the house, Mrs. Bennet treats Jane badly, in order to make sure she will not get back to the house. However Jane gets sick after the trip, and stays sick in bed. Bingley takes care of her with intimacy and worry unlike her sisters who take care of Jane with a fake kindness. They do not let Jane go anywhere until she feels better. Very concerned with the situation and saddened by her, Elizabeth goes to Bingley 's house, to see her sister. She decides to stay with her sister until she gets better. Older sisters and Darcy does not like this situation at all. That will be the second dispute of Elizabeth and Darcy. Thus starting the love story that is filled with pride and disputes between Elizabeth and Darcy.