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Choke - Chuck Palahniuk


Choke Analysis

A masterpiece from Palahniuk, one of the most important authors of Underground Literature. The language is quite fun but not suitable for all ages because of the sexual content it contains. It is not a fiction that continues day by day, but rather a novel that is explained in a complex way and the reasons and consequences can be clearly seen in general. At first, it seems difficult to understand where the event starts and ends, but as it progresses it opens, and the reasons are clearly revealed. Finally, it gives an unexpected detail. Like the fact that Paige is not a real doctor. If you want to read and enjoy a novel that is far from a clear language, with a content of heavy sexuality, but with unimaginable facts, then your first job is to stop by a bookstore and buy the Choke. I wish you a pleasant reading.

Choke Short Summary

Quitting his medical education, Victor Mancini works as a character in history in a museum where the revival of 1734 was performed. Victor is a sexaholic. He has been sentenced to the world of a madman by her mother, Ida Mancini since childhood. He finds herself a source of money because her mother sleeps in the nursing home, which is very expensive. He pretends to be drowning in restaurants, allowing people to save him. Thus, these heroes add meaning to their lives and Victor's pocket is filled. These people, whom he does not remember their name and faces, constantly support Victor. So, he pays her mother's nursing home expenses.

His mother cannot eat because she forgot how to eat and this situation day by day makes her close to death. Doctor Paige Marshall gives Victor a solution. He will be in a relationship with the Doctor, doctor will get pregnant and the baby will be used to save his mother. Although Victor likes Paige Marshall, he cannot do it. Doctor tries to convince him, but she cannot convince him.

At the time, every time Victor goes to the nursing home, someone mistakes him as a person they know, he gets into different characters all the time, and in order to solve the older people’s problems he accepts all the accusations they tell him. One day he is Eva’s brother, accepting the rape accusations. One day he is a thief and a grifter. He accepts all the accusations. Since older people in the nursing home has dementia and they see Victor as the one person who is the reason of all of their problems. Victor is trying to make everyone peaceful before they die by accepting all of the accusations.

His friend Denny who is also a sexaholic, is trying to keep himself away from sex. His last attempt is to pick stones for every day that he is abstaining. Days pass by, stones became rocks and fill the house. Denny start building a house from these stones. Not knowing what will happen or what will come out from it, he works day in and day out.

Victor was raised by a crazy and criminal mother, when his mother is nowhere to be found or in the jail, he grew up in different foster families. When her mother shows up, she kidnaps her son and tells him wrong things. She wants him to be free. She believes that he has the power of someone who can built a new world. Victor’s head filled with nonsense information, and grew up with indifference, make sures his mother gets caught and he gets rid of his mother for a while.

Complaining the construction of Denny's to the television producers, the moody Victor works with Denny in the next shot and tells everyone that he must bring stones to help build this building, but for so long he cannot imagine the people who got their money deceived and got their money.

As the day goes on, her mother's condition worsens, and Paige continues her pressure. Doctor Paige tells Victor that he has read his mother's Italian diary and that the woman was pregnant by stealing Jesus' foreskin, that Victor was actually the Messiah. Victor's confusion, believing that he is the Christ, is very confused. He therefore complained about the construction of his friend. He used to prove that he was not Christ, that he was bad.

On the day he is called from the nursing home, he gets a lot of pudding to his mother and, unlike all his visits, approaches his mother as Victor for the first time. He ignores his confessions and tries to feed the puddings. The truth is Victor is not Christ or something, but a kid who was kidnapped by Ida Mancini to get American citizenship. As she ignores her mother's words and forces her to eat pudding, she does not realize that the woman is drowning. When he realized that the woman was slowly drowning, it was too late. Meanwhile, Paige appears and starts massaging the woman, and at that moment a hospital bracelet appears on her arm. Paige is actually a madman who believes that he came from 2556, not a doctor or something, and thinks she is a doctor. She will become pregnant with an ordinary man and go back to 2556 with her baby. Liking Victor, Paige says that she will say that she is strangling Ida, that she wants Victor to run away. It forces Victor to go out. After the incident, Paige escapes.

Arrested by the police, Victor is charged with raping a 90-year-old woman named Eva. After reading her diary about her life in accordance with the fourth stage rules at the sexaholic meeting, the police understand that Victor has accepted their accusations so that the old people can get peace. In fact, he did not rape Eva, he only took the role he was the person she dreamed of, and he had a conversation with the woman that he accepted her accusations for peace. There is no rape. When released, Victor sees the public waiting for him to stone when he goes to the construction of his friend Denny. These people, whom he deceived by pretending to be drowned, are there to grind him and achieve his goals. Thus, Victor got his sentence and found the woman Paige, who got into the crowd and liked. Seeing the bottom of the bottom, these freaks take a step towards to nothingness. They continue to live inside their crazy brains where they don't know what the end and the beginning are.


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