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Emma - Jane Austen


Emma Analysis

Emma, the book that was written by English descent woman author Jane Austen when she was thirty-nine is one of the most beloved novels of her. It is said that "Emma" was the favorite novel of herself too.

Emma was published in 1915 and since then it has always been appreciated and read by so many. In Emma, Jane Austen who is regarded as the best English author after Shakespeare deals with tangled relationships take place in England of x19th century. Just like it is in her other books, she used an immersive writing style, though its progress slowly. Emma is quite predictable as for its ending, yet enjoyable; it is not a burden to read, rather very gripping.

Emma Short Summary

Emma is a young lady who lost her mother as an infant and was brought up to be spoilt by her father. Thus, she is a bit brazen and self-righteous but along with her beauty and all other qualifications make it look trivial. She lives in Hartfield with her father and her duenna Miss Taylor who became like one of them. However, after Emma introduces and match her up with a gentleman named Mr. Weston Miss Taylor marries and moves from there. Now she is Mrs. Weston. No matter how much Mr. Weston and Emma suffer from this separation, they have to put up for the sake of their friend’s happiness. In fact, soon after Emma finds something else to be occupied with. Her new occupation, Miss Harriett Smith into is a young girl whose parents are unknown but her heart is kind. Emma is determined to turn her into an intelligent, courteous lady with of good manners and match her with a suitable gentleman. Emma herself is resolute about not getting married: because she saw how sad her father was when her sister got married. Then she knew she cannot leave her father. After her father dies she would never need money and she would have a happy life with her friends. This is probably the reason why she provides motivation for other girls to marry.

Emma embraces Harriet, she facilitates it by endearing herself to other people around. Harriet also has an aspirant: son of the family that had adopted her once, Mr. Robert Martin. Harriet finds her handsome and honest but Emma dissuades her for the reason that even if he is financially well off, Emma does not deem his social sphere of Harriet’s. Thus, she deters her easily.

A quite handsome and wealthy gentleman and an old family friend of Woodhouses Mr. Knightley comes to know rejection as he is a close friend of Robert Martin. He comprehends Emma has her hand in this business. Immediately reaches to Emma to talk about this, yet he obtains no result. In fact, no one but Mr. Knightly has the courage to tell Emma her faults and warn. Emma relishes his friendship, still this time her opinion is that he is wrong. Moreover, Mr. Knightley is the only one to sense what the future may bring. Likewise, everyone including Emma has no idea about the consequences of this tiny incident.