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Tuck Everlasting



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Tuck Everlasting - Natalie Babbitt

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Tuck Everlasting Analysis

Tuck Everlasting is a short story, but actually a children's book. Though because of its subject and style, it addresses all readers. Natalie Babbitt, who touched on the environment and the environmental pollution problem, it was also adapted into the movies. Here is the summary of this hot book;

Tuck Everlasting Short Summary

It was a hot August day. Mae Tuck, like every decade, was preparing to set off for the secret fountain in the woods of the town to see his sons again. Their son, Miles and Jesse, were coming from different cities to that outlet. For the first time in ten years. They were all very excited.

On the same day, Winnie, the youngest daughter of the Foster family, decided to run away from home on the same day. Her family, especially her mother and grandmother, put so much pressure on her. Because they were very interested in etiquette, they were constantly interfering with the little girl’s decisions. Winnie was very uncomfortable with this situation now. Last night a man in a yellow suit came to their house. He was looking for a family. When grandmother was saying that they didn't know anyone and she was going to slam the door, and a beautiful melody came out of the grove. Grandmother had heard this music many years ago. According to her, this melody was extracting forest fairies. The man in the yellow suit stayed there for a while after they entered the house. On that day, when the family of Tuck met Winnie talking to frogs in front of the garden of the house, the frog suddenly ran away to the grove. The little girl had never been to this grove of their own. This is the first time she's gone there to do something that's wrong with her family. She liked it very much. The forest was very beautiful and yes, she was proud of herself. She moved a little further and knew that she wasn't all alone in the grove. A very handsome boy stood on a log of a tree. Winnie was watching him. The boy stood up and lifted the stones on the ground, and a small spring came out. The boy drunk from this water, leaning. Just then, the little was girl making a sound and Jesse found her. There was a sudden panic. They met Winnie and the little girl leaned for the water. But Jesse just held her. When they said let's wait for a bit and suddenly the other Tuck family members came.

They're telling him the story. The Tuck family had come to this town many years ago, about eighty-seven years ago. As they passed through the forest, they saw this fountain and the whole family drank from it. And the horses too. The only one that didn’t drink from the water was the cat. A few days later, things started to happen. Miles fell from a tree and hit his head, normally he shoul’ve died, but nothing happened. Angus cut his hand very deeply with a knife, but the wound disappeared in minutes. When he realized there was a different situation, Angus took a shotgun in the house and put a bullet in his heart. But nothing happened to him. There wasn't even a bullet mark. They couldn't figure out why. Until their cat died and their horses didn’t. Because it was the only living animal who didn't drink the water was the cat. This spring was immortal water. They lived as the same age and did not die ever. Winnie couldn't believe what they were hearing. Knowing this, Angus offered to take her home. They are on road. One person was listening to these conversations: the man in the yellow suit.

Winnie was shocked when they came to the Tuck's house. Everything is very old and on the track. Winnie was officially kidnapped, but she didn't feel that way. The family talked again and told the little girl what would happen if she drank from the water. They gave him the decision. In the meantime, the man in the yellow suit told the family and the police. They found them. Mae Tuck killed the man in a yellow suit for knowing everything. He was sent to jail. His family took the young girl and went to their homes. Members of the Tuck family plan with the little girl and kidnapped her from prison.

Years later when they came back to the town, the town had changed a lot. They found a cemetery. Everyone was looking for the answer that they had in their mind. Did the little girl drink from that water and live forever or was she dead? And the tomb they were facing showed all the answers they had. The little girl didn't drink from the water and chose to be a normal person.