Alice's Adventures in Wonderland short summary & analysis

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland


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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll

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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Analysis

Fairytales were the creator of our imaginary world. And of course, everyone heard about Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, some might have read them. A world which animals’ rule, let’s dive in this world together.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Short Summary

Alice one day was talking and laying with her sister in the lake side, Alice’s attention was caught by a talking, running a bunny with a watch. Alice follows this bunny when she says that she caught it, she falls into a very deep well. The well is so deep that Alice got bored from falling.

Alice loves talking to herself, although she hopes to come across the discovery in the depths of the well and find somebody, the only thing she encounters is a glass coffee table and a small doorway opening to other small lands. In order to get through that door, Alice must be really small. She drinks the liquid which was on the table and her height shrinks, this time she cannot reach the key so she has to grow. However, this time she grew so much, Alice is now swimming in her own tears, then she meets Mr. Mouse. After she meets other animals that fall in to the lake of tears.

Trying to communicate with them, Alice after a while understands that they are not speaking the same language or most importantly, they cannot find a mutual topic, so she finds a opportunity to get through the small door.

When Alice get throughs the small door, she sees the white rabbit that she had been following. However, when the rabbit orders her around and wants her to find his fan and gloves, Alice starts searching in a small house. She finds the items and when she was just about to exit the house she starts growing again. When she was imprisoned in a room, all she wanted was that relentless growing and shrinking of her height to stop. But it is impossible!

A community of animals gathered around the house and they started throwing cakes at Alice, she grabbed one and ate it and shrunk way too much. Making it even harder to run away from them.

Deep in the woods, Alice finds herself telling everything to a caterpillar which is on a mushroom and smoking hookah, all she wants is to back in her own height again and her own life. Caterpillar pointing to the mushroom, only said that one side is making her grow and the other side is making her shrink, and then left.

Alice was walking around with a mushroom in her pocket, she walks into a house, in this house she encounters an abnormal baby, abnormal Duchess and an abnormal cook. From this chaotic house, Alice takes the baby and leaves then she notices that this baby is actually a pig, she sets the pig free in the woods.

And there was a cat with a smile on its face from ear to ear. The cat has a special talent which was to disappear in a moment. The cat led her to the Mad Hatter and the March Hare and then to the Queen...

The Queen was only saying “Off with their heads!” and was good for nothing else, but her husband was more merciful. After an incident there was a court, witnesses and accused were appearing one by one, in the same time Alice was growing again, and most surprising thing happened. Witnesses were also accused, and the second witness was Alice.

Alice grew right in the court and started insulting the soldiers and the Queen, when she was told to be respectful, Alice woke up when they decided to execute her. When she woke up, she told everything to her sister and left her sister in deep thought.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland does not have a criticism side. Eventually it is a fairytale and tales have chaos and miraculousness. As every fairytale... In this world, which is composed of animals and has a functional activity, it has a significant contribution to the development of children's imagination.


i still read some stories to my children