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David Copperfield



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David Copperfield - Charles Dickens

Categories:Classics, Comedy

David Copperfield Analysis

David Copperfield is orphaned at a young age. The book tells us his insuperably life story and how he catches the happiness. It emphasizes the importance of chasing the happiness, confronting difficulties and never give up to the readers. You will devour the book.

David Copperfield Short Summary

The little David’s life starts to go bad before he is born. When his mother is pregnant, his father dies in Scotland in 1800s. After that, his mother stands alone in this world. Lady Pegotty, helper of domestic works, will be nanny of David later. The day of days comes, and David is born. Mrs. Trootwood, his aunt, is a wealthy woman. However, she objects to marriage of his mother and father from the beginning. She comes for taking away him when he is born but she gives up it as soon as she hears the baby is a boy. She hates men. Then David, his nanny and his mother turn the page to a new life. The Little David grows up and starts to school. While everything in the garden is rosy, his mother comes home with a man, Edward Murdstone. David is prejudiced to him and he never loves Mr. Murdstone. On the contrary, his mother wants to marry with this man. Although Lady Pegotti and David object to this marriage, she goes her own way. Mr. Murdstone shows his true colors. He doesn’t want to David and he decides to send him to boarding school. Also, he fires Lady Pegotty but later he accepts her thanks to insistence of David’s mother. David is sent to the boarding school in London.

He makes friend with the name of Steerforth in David Salem Dormitory. When he fills in time in David Salem, he goes to Yarmouth, his nanny’s hometown. He makes new friends, catches fish in there and he loves Family of Lady Pegotty. Then he comes back his home and he learns that he has a brother. He feels happy about it and he spends his most of the time with his brother. However, his mother is really sick, and she dies one day before David goes to the school. After his mother’s death, Mr. Murdstone doesn’t allow David to go to school and he sends David to a friend of him for working. David doesn’t revolt this decision. After he works for a while, his boss is sent to prison. David is in a fix and he decides to go to his aunt. She takes along him and provides him to go on his school. However, the school is far from his aunt’s house, so he stays a friend of his aunt during the school time.

He is an attorney and he has a daughter named Agnes. David and Agnes are influenced from each other. The attorney is a drunk and he can’t carry on his business. His assistant acts for him but he swindles him. When David graduates, he becomes an attorney and he develops himself.

He starts work with another attorney in an office. The attorney loves David and thinks that he is successful. David gets used to his job and life. The attorney has a daughter named Dora and David falls in love her at first glance. When her father hears it, he accuses David and he gets angry and his nerves to be stretched. Finally, his heart can’t resist it and he dies. David protects Dora and he carries on the business by replacing the attorney. A year after marrying with Dora, she gets sick and dies. David is suspended, and he returns his aunt’s house. At the same time, Agnes, his first love, is keeping the wolves at bay. David helps coming around of drunk attorney and provides him to carry on his business. Also, he admits his emotions to Agnes. She loves him, too. They wed and the happier and unproblematic future waits for them.