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The Sound and the Fury


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The Sound and the Fury - William Faulkner

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The Sound and the Fury Analysis

The Sound and The Fury book, which belongs to different periods, is moving from end to the beginning. The book, about the collapse of the Compson family in the United States, contains multiple characters. Although it is a work that exhausts readers in terms of transferring from past to future, describing past events in the present, it is one of the best works of Nobel Prize winner William Faulkner. It conveys the thoughts passing through the consciousness of the heroes to the reader with the flow of consciousness method.

The Sound and the Fury Short Summary

The most difficult part when reading the novel The Sound and The Fury is chapter one. Because there is the character of Benjy who is constantly distracted and we will try to understand what he is talking about. In fact, all of Benjy's thoughts are centered around his sister Caddy. Another element is the similarity of names. Benjamin's name is actually Maury, but after he becomes ill, he is cursed and changed his name.

Caddy's daughter is also named after her dead brother, Quentin. His uncles Maury and one of the lovable brothers, Jason, are also named after his father, Jason.

In general, Caddy is actually the protagonist of the novel The Sound and The Fury. The three brothers are animated through the story of their sisters. Although Benjy's best sitter, his most compassionate sister, Caddy, has an immoral way of life, and his marriage breaks down his whole life. Quentin, on the other hand, was influential enough to lead him to suicide with the idea that his honor was damaged. Jason is only financially affected. He thinks they missed a lot of business opportunities because of him.

The first part is described as direct speeches from the mentally disabled (Benjamin) Benjy's mouth. Benjy remembers her sister Caddy, loves her very much and even sees closeness that she has not seen from her mother. However, at the age of fourteen, Caddy's close relationship with her boyfriends destroys Benjy. He thinks his sister has lost his innocence, gets dirty and wants to bathe all the time. So he thinks Caddy will clean up the dirt. When Caddy loses his virginity, gets married and leaves, Benjy cries again and is very upset.

The second part is told by Quentin, the younger brother of Benjy, who studied at Harvard University. Quentin listens to the sound of his watch and remembers his father's words, one day breaks the glass of the clock and reflects on the concept of time. He buys three irons from a shop and goes to the town of Cambridge and stores his irons under the bridge. Seeing a little girl, Quentin offers her ice cream, and the little girl just starts following her. But something unexpected happens. The girl's brother accuses her of getting her brother dirty, and Quentin is taken to court, released atonement. Like Benjy, Quentin remembers the day that his sister Caddy was contaminated by Dalton. He tried to kill Dalton, but he fired him when his sister showed up. Finding out, Mrs. Compson decides to marry her daughter to the notorious Herbert. Quentin doesn't like this guy either, but he wants to stop it, but it just make their relationship worse with Caddy. One evening, Quentin leaves her room to commit suicide by writing a letter to her friend and leaving the watch to her.

The third episode is told by another brother, Jason. Jason acts like a householder as irresponsible, money-lover. He takes money from Caddy until she breaks up with him. When this stops, he steals the check Caddy reserved for his daughter. Thoughtful and insatiable, Jason sells shop shares, buys automobiles, enters into various businesses, but fails in all of them. He always annoys Quentin and Benjy's caretaker, Luster.

The fourth and final chapter is narrated by Dilsey, the all-knowing storyteller, old black servants. One day, while returning from the church, he thinks that the family has come to an end. Quentin escaped with a huge sum of money left from his mother. Jason goes after him and tries to find his girlfriend. But when he gets hurt by a man, he stops looking for it.

At the end of the story; The son of Dilsey, the steward of the house, and Benjy's caretaker, Luster and Benjy travel with a carriage. Benjy is afraid when Luster accelerates the horses. He reminds Benjy of Caddy and cries with deep sorrow, raising it as he raises his voice. When Jason meets his brother when he sees him crying, he pushes Luster aside. Benjy's scream fills the heavens. This disturbs all of them. Jason takes control of the car and instructs Luster to return home. Benjy finally shuts up and stops the broken flower on his palms. His eyes look blank but with a relaxed look.


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