The Secret of Letting Go short summary & analysis

The Secret of Letting Go


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The Secret of Letting Go - Guy Finley


The Secret of Letting Go Analysis

Underlining the words of the books, curling the edges of the pages instead of using brackets, taking notes on the books... Although I say that these are torture methods used in books, I have did all of it in this book. You can think of it as a lesson rather than a book to read. When you are finished, you realize that giving up is overrated and that you can give up everything. As the author said, if we let the light in us shine, then a happier life awaits us.

The book of The Secret of Letting Go consists of short stories and chapters. Each chapter contains a lesson to be learned and an idea to be realized. In some chapters I went to my own childhood and said, "Oh, I've had something like that!" That made me read the book with more interest. He made me realize that I only overrated things in my own head. I couldn't read the book first, it wasn't for me. But I realized that I was more interested in the following chapters. When I started taking notes on it, I didn't want to leave the book.

The Secret of Letting Go Short Summary

The point in the book is that the author Guy Finley points you the difference between a fake “I” and a real “I”. At the end of most of the stories, the author provided awareness by explaining the difference between fake “I” and the real “I”. This distinction has attracted my attention while reading the importance of self-realization.

The parts that attracted my attention the most in the book were the sections where I made the most conclusions. It's not possible to talk about all of them, but to refer to the parts I like;

With this book, you understand that it is very easy to give up. All our worries and fears are as great as we have made them. If you cut off the bond with your fears, you can recover yourself. If the thing tht was worring us doesn’t exists then we don’t have to protect ourselves.

It is a situation that has not left us since we were kids, to put our own guilt on others. Unfortunately, it is a movement that everyone is making, to run into a trap knowing about it, to blame the person who set that trap. It's easier to throw the pain to the other side when we get trapped, it's easier to accept, but it doesn't change the facts. It doesn’t end with wanting to see.

You must take the reins to your own hands. Life is your life and you are more than you think. You need to make sure you are in the right place to get what you want. You can find the right thing in experimenting with the wrong things.

Memories are an album that we've continuously collected from the moment we were born. We accumulate many happy, sad, irritable memories. We often express our memories in our lives. We're talking about dozens of positive and negative memories, to split them is up to you. It's up to you to leave old thoughts behind. Starting with a new perspective on life is not as difficult as it is thought. It's all over you.

We experience many events in our lives. The pain we inflict on our soul is something we do. You never have to surrender to a wave of desperation that will regret you living. Don't look for happiness, be happy. You will be happy to be free from thoughts that will make you unhappy. You don't have to do anything we'll regret for. It is in your hands to make your choice from the beginning instead of making sudden decisions.

The fake “I” is always unhappy. The biggest reason for the dilemma is that the emotions that he created are instantaneous. So every emotion will end sooner or later. Fake “I” always remind you of feelings and make you unhappy. In fact, however, unhappiness is only the feeling that comes from within us, and there is no end. We should not forget this.

The awareness you get at every point of the book can help you shape your life more easily. I think the author is very successful in this regard. It was one of the most successful books I've read recently. Even though its language is not for me, I think it is a beautiful book of self-development.