Silas Marner short summary & analysis

Silas Marner


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Silas Marner - George Eliot


Silas Marner Analysis

George Eliot, the author of Silas Marner, is a British woman writer and translator, whose actual name is Mary Anne Evans. Within the framework of this character she created, we obtain important information about the teachings of the church and the social life of Europe. The story of Marner goes like this; years ago he was being accused of stealing and later on it was worse;

Silas Marner Short Summary

Silas Marner lived in a village called the Lantern Yard. Because of his interest in religion, he became a very respected personality by his close circle. He had a very close friend named William Dane. His friendship with him had been going on for more than a decade and they were very close. Though their thoughts sometimes clashed, the two always understood each other. He also was in a relationship with a girl named Sarah. They're getting engaged soon, and they're getting married later. There was only one problem among them: the seizures of Marner. These seizures was rare and he was out for like ten minutes, but these seizures was seen as a religious attribute. His best friend, William, used to say that he thought that the devil had entered the scene of seizure and that he had made him do bad things. Sarah was not minding this situation for now but it was not a good thing either. One day, a peasent they know got sick. Silas and his friends was making sure he was good. Suddenly, a lot of people entered and mentioned a penknife. They asked him if it belonged to him. Silas was saying that he was not seeing anyhting. William immediately clarified the matter. The lying peasants 'gold had disappeared and Silas' army knife stood where the pouch was. Silas suddenly realized the charge against him and couldn't believe what he had heard. They accused him of stealing. The worst of all was that his best friend William was accusing him. Soon enough everyone was accusing him, Sarah said that she broke the engagement. In a week Sarah and William got married.

Silas immediately left this village. He settled in a town called Raveloe. The only thing he knew about here was the weaving. He didn't talk to anybody here, and he didn't even say hello to anyone. But in a short time everyone noticed his talent, they were giving him all the linen for him to weave. Marner lived in a small quarry and was just passing through his time doing his job. The villagers gave him so many jobs that Silas was surprised by his increasing money. From that day on, his only aim was to accumulate more gold. The only thing that made him happy was his wealth every night when he came home. He kept his gold underneath the sands, under the two bricks. Besides, he never left his home without locking it. Just one day he came out very urgently and he lost all his fortune. The one who stole all his assets was Dunstan, the youngest son of the town, son of a prince Cass.

Dunstan and his brother Godfrey could not share their father's money. Godfrey had a marriage that his family did not know. He also had a baby. But she was having an affair with Nancy, the most beautiful girl in town. Dunstan was the only one who knew this, and he was blackmailing him. Godfrey was giving all his money to his brother. One day, Dunstan asked his brother to sell his beloved horse. He even did it himself, and he sold the horse for a very high price. But the horse died. He remembered Silas Marner’s fortune. He stole all of his money and ran.

Years have passed. One day a baby of two years came to Silas’ house. His mother died on the way. This was the wife and his daughter Godfrey hid from everyone else. Silas lost his wealth, but this new baby was a hope for him. He raised the baby well. Godfrey came home and confessed everything. The girl decided to stay with old weaver Silas.