Macbeth short summary & analysis



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Macbeth - William Shakespeare


Macbeth Analysis

In my opinion, Macbeth is one of the most important theaters. But I recommend that you do not read more than two Shakespeare books in a row with Shakespeare's love. Otherwise, you will have to take a break from Shakespeare. Have a nice reading!

Macbeth Short Summary

William Shakespeare, who was born in 1564, is undoubtedly one of the greatest writers in the world. Shakespeare has produced a wide range of genres and has more than a hundred works. The English writer, who has made great contributions to English, has earned respect and love after his death, like many others. Almost all of his works are adapted to theater, cinema and opera. Machbeth is the shortest tragedy from this author.

The book began when the witches decided to meet with Macbeth and go to her. Macbeth and Banquo meet witches when they were walking. Witches prophesize different names. In the same way they make a prophecy to Banquo. As the witches go, a messenger with the name Ross comes to the side of Macbeth and Banquo and informs him that Macbeth is the Cawder Baron. As the prophecy was first mentioned by the news, the desire to become king in Macbeth begins to grow. Macbeth tells his wife what the witches have to say, and the wife gets very ambitious at the prospect of her husband being king. King Duncan's desire to go to the house of Macbeth, a soldier he loves; Lady Macbeth's eye is dark. Macbeth’s wife, who received the news, plans to kill King Duncan to further ease her husband's path towards the kingdom. When he learns of his wife's plans, Macbeth refuses to kill Duncan, the king he loves. His wife, whose ambivalent ambition, somehow associates Macbeth with his plans.

After having a nice meal for the king and nice chat, everyone is gone to their room to sleep. Macbeth kills King Duncan after everyone sleeps in accordance with his plan with he made with his wife. He takes the swords of the helpers who remain in the same room as the king and plunges them into the blood of the king. Thus, making them the assassins of the king's murder. Fulfilling the necessary parts of the plan, Macbeth retreats into his room and he cannot sleep because of regret. He can't believe how he has done something like this and he would regret it very much. But there is nothing to do.

In the morning, the door rings and Lennox and Macduff have come to see the king. Macbeth, who was surprised at what he was going to do first, later calmed down a bit and took Lennox and Macduff to the king's room as if he were not aware the king had died. He also gives an exaggerated reaction when faced with the view in the room. He kills both of them without waiting for the king's helpers to wake up and explain based on the presence of bloody swords on them. Upon the death of the king, the two sons of the king escaped abroad in order not to hold themselves responsible for this death. There is no one to become the king of the country, and as a prophecy of the witches, Macbeth takes the throne. After he becomes the king, he became uncomfortable with Banquo's presence and hired three men to kill him. Banquo’s son Fleance is next to him. Although these three men have killed the Banquo, they lose Fleance. This time, Macbeth, who starts to dream about Banquo, finds the way to witches. Macbeth is now more careful when the witches offer him a few prophecies. But the small thing he missed will be his disaster. So much so; witches told him that "no beings from a woman can harm him." Macduff who, because of this prophecy, believes that no one can kill him, kills Macduff from his mother's belly born by caesarean section. Macbeth is replaced by Malcom and Scotland takes a sigh of relief.