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Dead Poets Society


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Dead Poets Society - N.H. Kleinbaum

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Dead Poets Society Analysis

The Dead Poets Society is a book written by N. H. Kleinbaum, adapted from the film of the same name. The Dead Poets Society, whose first edition was made in 2012 in Bilge Culture and Arts Publications, is the subject of a change in the lives of a group of high school students with the new literature teacher.

Dead Poets Society Short Summary

Charlie, Knox, Neil, Todd, Cameron, Pitts, and Meeks are seven friends studying at the Welton Academy, the most disciplined and boring school in Welton. The Welton Academy is a school that blinds all students' imagination with the obligation to obey all rules and a few principles to which they adhere.

Todd Anderson is one of the newest students in school. Although he is rather shy and withdrawn, he and his roommate Neil make up a good group of friends with others. When the school year begins, the most interesting thing for students is the new literature teachers Mr. Keating and his different teaching methods.All students loved him and soon adopted his slogan: "Carpe diem. Seize the moment!" And they realize that they want not to do the professions that are expected to do with the impositions of their families or the expectations of their surroundings. Mr. Keating, they all change their lives.

Everything starts with a lunch when Neil sees Mr Keating's name in a former school yearbook. In the explanation section, along with many other things, the Dead Poets Society is written in it. But there is no more information. When they show the yearbook to other students, they are all very surprised and curious. When they ask Mr. Keating what the Dead Poets Society means, he learns that the Dead Poets Society is an old and secret community where a group of people gather and read poems together. This excites them a lot and together they decide to revive the Dead Poets Society. Meanwhile, Todd, the introverted one, is slowly opening, Neil takes a secret role from his father in a Shakespeare play soon, Knox falls in love with Chris whom he encounters during an invitation, and they all live 'in the moment' by themselves. All of this has happened thanks to Mr. Keating. But the unconventional methods of Keating have begun to be reacted by the highly disciplined headmaster, Mr. Nolan.

The day when Neil plays the leading role comes up. Mr. Keating and all his friends came to watch him, to support him. Among the audience is Neil's father, Mr. Perry. The play starts, Neil is very successful. Everyone applauds the standing of the actors. But when the play is over, Mr. Perry takes Neil home, shouts at him, he becomes very angry. He says that he is going to take him away from Welton Academy and send him out at military school. Neil can't stand up to his father, even though he is so upset. He kills himself. He commits suicide with her father's old gun. When everyone heard this, they get very upset, Todd has an anger attack. He is angry with Mr. Perry and only prevented Neil from living the moment.

Mr. Nolan, director of the Welton Academy, thinks that Mr. Keating is the reason for all of this, and does all he can to ensure his closure. But when Mr. Keating came to the classroom to buy his stuff, Todd, Knox, Charlie and Meeks and Pitts this does not stop from saying goodbye to their favorite teacher.