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The House of Paper


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The House of Paper - Carlos Maria Dominguez


The House of Paper Analysis

Carlos Maria Dominguez was born in Buenos Aires. He has works in the field of criticism and so many other. The Paper House was published in 2002, in the short amount of time catches everyone’s attention and it gets translated into twenty languages. As a book worm, I enjoyed this book very much. I saw myself in the character Bluma. I recommend every book worm to read The Paper House.

The House of Paper Short Summary

A person named Bluma Lennon buys a poem book from a bookstore and when she starts reading the book, she gets hit by a car and dies. It is common to a book to change or steer someone’s life. Bluma, the character of this novel, is one of the victims of the book. Bluma Lennon is a professor of Cambridge University. After her demise, some other professor replaces her. The professor who replaces Bluma, stops by to her room. There is a letter on the table. The front and back side of the book is covered with dust. Her colleague starts investigating after this situation. The book on the table is said to be dedicated to Carlos. It was the first thing that her colleague noticed. He starts investigating about this person’s name. He goes to a Uruguayan book collector. He says that Carlos Brauer attended a conference which Bluma was in the audience and they went to a dinner also adding that they were very intimate. He gets very curious and wants to uncover the secrets. He goes to Buenos Aires. His family lives there. He both will visit his parents and also will solve this puzzle. He spends his time in the city for a while and he goes to the Montevi port for his real goal. He meets with a bibliopole named Dinarli. Dinarli knows Brauer and is a collector. The collector says that he is not the person to talk about Brauer and gives someone else’s number. He gives “The Shadow Line” to the collector and he is shocked. The collector asks where he found this book. Panics and says that there is an unfortunate story behind this book, and he has to talk to Delgado about it. He continues to give information about the book. He says that he is friends with someone named Martel who is an employee of auction which has valuable books, and he sells the expensive books to Carlos. After their conversation, he calls Delgado and gets an appointment for tomorrow. He goes to the meeting with Delgado. He analyses his home and Delgado has an interesting house. There are books everywhere. Delgado who noticed his confusion, talks about his passion of books, and they start to talk about Brauer. He says that he met him at the counter of the Tristen Narvaja flea market. He says that he is a difficult reader. Whenever he has some money, he spends it on books, he says. He says it is untreatable, he sleeps on the attic because there are books everywhere and adds that he has an uncontrollable passion for books. He complains about the disorganization of the books and tries to explain about a filing order. He tries so many methods that he would even refute all his ideas. At last he does his own idea. Other friends of Brauer says that they saw him and all of them agree that he has symptoms of insanity. His passion for books has become so excess that one day when he was reading a book on candlelight, he drank too much wine and forgot the candle on chair that the folder was on and everywhere was on fire. He barely managed to put it off, but the folder was now unsavable. He was disappointed. Then a different sad incident happened to him. Carlos was married and he is in the middle of a divorce, and he sells his house to give money to his wife. He goes to Mexico and starts to live on the shore. He wants to build a cabin, but it seems like a place where you die from loneliness. After his folder burned, he closes himself off. He asks to the builder that he uses books instead of bricks. After his folder burned, he does not have the same relationship with them as before. When the books are placed as bricks, he only says that the books are his friends. He comes, and after her demise, a book came in a letter and says that he is investigating. Delgado asks that if Bluma has a book in her hand or not when she died and if there is, is it an Emily Dickinson’s book. His answer is yes. They look to each other surprised. He says that Carlos met Bluma on his trip to Mexico. They leave to hope to see each other someday. After a while, he decides to visit Brauer’s paper house. When he arrives he thinks that the bricks are books. There are a lot of books from different writers. Universal literature emerges through the sand dunes with a miserable rebellion. He does not feel comfortable leaving the book Brauer send to Bluma in the ruin house. Two men living close to the house approach and they start talking about the person who was living in the paper house. He learns that he is someone in his own way and that he is seen hitting the house walls with a sledgehammer. As a result, there are books all over the house. The house has been riddled with holes. He finds the book he wants and goes to La Palome to send the book. He then tries to fix the house, but he cannot manage to fix it instead he totally demolishes the house with a hammer. Blauma’s colleague goes to her cemetery and leaves the book on her gravestone.


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