White Fang short summary & analysis

White Fang



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White Fang - Jack London


White Fang Analysis

White Fang describes a story of a wolf which is a half wolf and a half dog. At the beginning of the novel, wolf only started to get used to its surroundings. He hunted with his mother and learned new information. His mother’s name is Kiche and his father’s is One Eye. It was because his father lost his one eye. He had grey fur unlike other puppies. He was slowly getting out of his nest and watching his surroundings. He was watching his mother kill other cats and he was trying himself.

White Fang Short Summary

One day, he saw a light coming from a cave and he went closer to it. It reached a forest and he see people there. He watched the people for a moment. He got close to a man called Grey Beaver, he did not know how to behave, yet. He showed Grey Beaver his teeth, trying to scare him. Grey Beaver then, hit the little wolf with a bat. The puppy was crying, and his mother heard him and tried to rescue him but, Grey Beaver, collared Kiche when he caught her.

Grey Beaver was domineering and angry. The puppy was seeing human as God because they could have whatever they want, and they were intelligent. The puppy was sad because her mother was caught. He did not leave his mother for even a second. He didn’t know what love was, but he had much deeper feelings for his mother. His mother was looking at him lovingly, giving him, her own food.

People at the camp, gave the puppy the name of “White Fang”. White Fang is actually a wolf but him being with the dogs on the camp all the time, he is now acting like them. Ever since White Fang went to the forest, a dog named Lip-Lip is giving him hell. He was always attacking White Fang and trying to one up him. In the beginning, White Fang could not be courageous against him, but he was planning so bad things that even Lip-Lip was not getting near him because he was afraid.

One day, Grey Beaver sent Kiche to another country. White Fang wanted to follow his mother. When he was following his mother, Grey Beaver found him, and he beat him to death. With his mom gone, he learnt how to protect himself. He was now following his owners’ rules and trying to stay alive. The son of his owner Mit-sah, was attacked by some kids, and White Fang hears this and protected the son against other kids. After this, Mit-sah told this to his father and his father started to give White Fang the most food now.

Camp had shortage on food and the people could not find themselves any food. They were in a situation that bad that they were killing their dogs and eating them, at that moment White Fang thought of running away and got away from it. He was now in the woods and away from the camp. In order to survive he even killed the skinny wolf and ate it. Because White Fang learnt that he has to take advantage from the weaker ones.

After a long time, he went back to the camp site but could not see his owner. After a while, his owner came and walked to a place with White Fang. White Fang was so strong that no wolf or a dog could beat him. A man called Beauty Smith noticed this and he offered Grey Beaver some money. Grey Beaver denied it. Sneaky Smith found another way and tried to get White Fang. Every day he brought Grey Beaver some vine. Grey Beaver accepted the offer, to get more vine from him.

Smith was torturing White Fang and then laughing. White Fang was getting more peevish because of it. He was training him to fight. White Fang was winning all of them and gaining his owner a lot of money.

One day, White Fang lost to a dog named Cherokee and his owner beat him to death. One man felt sorry for White Fang and offered money to Smith, to get White Fang. His name was Scott. This man was merciful not like his other owners. First the wolf could not get used to him but with love and affection, his peevish behavior was now gone. His new owner took him to San Fresco and took care of him with his family. The wolf was getting used to his family too in time but was attacking other dogs.

White Fang was loving and protecting his new owner. One day, Scott’s enemy Jim Hail escaped from prison and he traced Scott and planned to kill him. He came to Scott’s home and at midnight he wanted to attack him but White Fang trying to protect his owner, got himself in danger. White Fang injured the man but, in the meantime, he was hurt too. Scott saw this and was heartbroken about it. Doctors said that the wolf could not survive this. But Scott took care of him and he was on his feet after a while. He was healthy again. Scott and his family called him the Holy Wolf. Yes, now he was a wolf who was known by everyone, everyone was talking about him and his bravery. White Fang was happy because he was going to live forever with his owner.


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