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Planet of the Apes


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Planet of the Apes - Pierre Boulle

Categories:Science Fiction

Planet of the Apes Analysis

The Planet of the Apes takes place on the planet Sorror, where things are reversed. This time, people were experimented not apes, they were experimented in cages. It is a planet full of wit and apes who imitate all humanitarian powers and imitate their civilization years ago. Definitely an immersive science fiction work, the Planet of the Apes pushes the limits of your imagination. You can read this book in one day, I recommend you to read it.

Planet of the Apes Short Summary

Journalist Ulysse Merou, Professor Antelle, young physicist Arthur Levian and their pet monkeys depart from the world on a spaceship and set out to reach Betelgeuse. Even though the few seconds spent in space would be worth a lot of years on earth, the idealist physicist Arthur, Antelle who even enjoyed staying away from the human race and Ulysse who thought that what they were going to experience would not be worth everything, they didn’t seem to mind this.

When they reached the Betelgeuse star system, oxygen and nitrogen levels from the four planes were most similar to the earth; This was the planet Sorror. It was almost like the sister of the world. When they came out of the capsule and explored the planet, they found a trace of a human being on the edge of the waterhole, and soon it turned out that a woman who was beautiful as a goddess was living these tracks. Although she was so physically similar to human beings, she appeared just like an animal with the same looks and behaviors. When she landed near these three strangers on the edge of the lake, she heard the speeches and escaped and disappeared in the depths of the forest. After a while, she brought others who acted as if their bodies were human but they had no intelligence. Ulysse and her friends dressed as they met with these human-like beings, but they suddenly angered human-like creatures, creatures tore the clothes and wrecked the capsule by attacking it.

When Ulysse and his friends were stranded in Sorror and strange creatures that sound like they couldn't speak it, one day an unbelievable event took place and the monkeys speaking among themselves had guns in their hands were now surrounding the woods. People were running like crazy, some were shot and dying, and others were hanging on traps. Arthur had been shot and killed, and Ulysse was caught in a trap, and he and other people were trapped in the cage of the truck.

When Ulysse had recovered from the shock, he realized that the beautiful Nova was also in the cage and had a strange feeling. After traveling in the cage for a while, high-rise buildings, cars, shops and all these monkeys began to appear as if they were a man. The car entered a building and the prisoners were brought into a hall that was similar to a lab with cages. Every prisoner was in a cage alone. Ulysse was relieved when he saw it in his cage against Nova, and his eyes searched the professor. He never met again after that chaos with the professor. The odds of him dying saddened Ulysse. Monkeys in white aprons brought mush and fruit to people in cages. It was obvious that people loved these dishes, they ate food with animal-like growls.

Ulysse realized that he had to behave smarter and figured out that they were doing experiments on the monkeys in the earth and it was the exact opposite here. The apes were shocked by the human being who showed signs of intelligence. Some claim that this is a mere imitation of what they're doing, a female ape named Zira had already discovered the difference in human beings. Then Ulysse and Zira would spend nights in secret gathering and chatting and Zira began to teach Ulysse the monkey language. Nova and Ulysse were put in the same cage. Nova, was not pleased with the closeness of Zira and Ulysse, it was obvious with the strange murmurs.

Then, he took Ulysse out for a ride with the leash in the city, and he introduced him to his fiancée, Cornelius, a scientist. Cornelius could not hide his confusion. They prepared Ulysse for the great science meeting and they prepared a speech to allow Ulysse to be freed. Ulysse and Zira entered the zoo and passed past the cages where the animals of the world were exhibited. When they came in front of the cages where people were exhibited, Ulysse was shocked and could not contain his scream. The professor has been eating his porridge in the cage with his head. He behaved like the rest of the people on the planet, and longed in howling. There was nothing left for the professor, despite all the efforts of Ulysse.

When the big day came, Ulysse gave a speech that gave away all the apes and gained their freedom. He was given a room at the science center and a room of his own. Ulysse could now behave like a human and dressed like a human. With Cornelius, his excavations yielded traces of how people could see apes staying behind. When he returned, Cornelius explained everything to him. Once people had developed and organized a language among themselves, they were able to smuggle, kill, and enslave people into the outskirts of the city without imitating intelligence.

Ulysse had a duty to save the human race, and he was ready to do anything for that cause, but something unexpected happened and Nova and Ulysse had a baby. The baby was behaving like a real person. That was what made the apes nervous. Baby and Nova were taken to a room where they were alone and Ulysse was prevented from seeing them. With the help of Zira, Ulysse could see them, but things became too dangerous for them. With the help of Zira and Cornelius, Nova, the baby and Ulysse reached the ships wandering in the outer space. Thanks to giving birth Nova was now able to give humanitarian reactions and speaking a little. After a year and a half, they finally reached the world. Ulysse, who is waiting for the flying vehicles or something in the environment, was disillusioned and was surprised how everything could remain the same in the last hundred years. Ulysse, wishing to tell the people of Sorror the planet and all humanity, was horrified by the man in the on-line uniform. The man in the uniform was an ape.


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