Adventures of Huckleberry Finn short summary & analysis

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


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Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - Mark Twain


Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Analysis

Huckleberry Finn in novel, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, is one of the most important characters that Mark Twain created for the world of literature. His friendship with Slave Jim, despite the imposition of society is an example of a kid’s kind heart. Also, Huck, did not live a standard childhood but he has inner conscious thousand times an adult. Mark Twain underlined the vileness of the system in the eyes of a child. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a great piece of work both for fun and to think about Mark Twain’s criticism of the system.

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Short Summary

Huck is a free and independent kid who does not depend on anyone, not like other kids in the town. He does not have to go to school or to go to church on Sundays, like other kids. Until after the happenings he encountered, a widow lady adopted him. Huck could not adapt to this lifestyle. The rules of the house and sister of the widow lady overwhelmed Huck. Other than that, Huck’s alcoholic father pesters Huck, when he finds out that Huck has money. He attempts to kidnap Huck, and Huck being overwhelmed, he does not protest to this idea.

Huck and his father run off to an island and start living their life on an unclaimed shed. Huck has thought that he could run from his father and could enjoy his freedom. But he could not find the chance to, because of his father and he thinks of a plan. The plan is ongoing, and they were supposed to think that Huck was murdered. Huck is now heading to the other island with his boat and the plan is working. Everyone believes that Huck is dead, and they are blaming his father.

Huck goes to back to the town to learn about the happenings after he was gone and finds out that the Afro-American man that works for widow lady has run away. He decides to find him. When he finds him, they both were bored from the loneliness and they decide to head south together.

Jim and Huck have a good friendship. Jim tells the story about how he got kidnapped, how he was sold as a slave and his wife and kids who are living afar. Huck feels sorry for Jim. Even though he sees an Afro-American man running away as a betrayal, he decides to help Jim after all. Even, he was determined to report him, after what he heard, he introduces Jim as his father who has smallpox. That way he can keep the other guys from his boat and saves Jim.

A quiet day ends with a crash of the big cargo ship with Huck and Jim inside. Huck saves himself by ducking under water, but he could not find Jim. Huck shelters in a big house. They treat Huck very well in the house. Huck is very happy in this house. One of the Afro-American men takes Huck to see Jim. Jim and Huck are happy to see each other. At the same time, the people who Huck were staying with, gets killed by the family that has a vendetta against them. Huck runs away with Jim. When they arrive to a different shore, two men shelters in their boat and they understand that they are in trouble. One of the men says that he is the duke and other says that he is the king and the people in the boat believes them. Jim and Huck obey these men. They sail to a shore and they announce that they are going to perform a play. The play last less than a minute and the people know that they got defrauded, and they attempt to beat them up. They leave the shore. In another town, an uncle of four sisters got murdered. Everyone is waiting for two friends of their uncle. Knowing that, the two imposters take their place and make everyone believe it. The oldest sister Mary Jane gives these men their inherited gold. The King and The Duke think that they can get more from this house and decide to stay more in the house. Mary Jane is like an angel and treats Huck well. Huck feels sorry about the girls and steals the money back from the thrifters. Also tells Mary Jane everything. Townsfolk suspect more and tries to interrogate them. When Huck and Jim try to get rid of the thrifters, the thrifters get to them before they sail. They go to another town and decide to play the same play and make money. Huck gets his chance and when he got to the boat to run away, he cannot find Jim there. He finds out that alcoholic king sold Jim to a farm at the end of the town. Huck goes to the farm and gets an unexpected attention. When the situation got revealed, he understands that they thought that he was Tom Sawyer. The farm belongs to his Aunt Sally and Huck pretends like he was Tom. When Huck finds out Tom’s ship is about to anchor, he decides to welcome him. And he does. Huck and Tom are excited they see each other, and Tom introduces himself as his little brother Sid. Their next goal is to find out where Jim was hold and to save him. They find out where Jim was hold and saved him. When all these things were happening, the two thrifters from the town got revealed and with Jim explaining everything, all the lies were uncovered. They got executed by the townsfolk. Huck and Tom saved Jim and set him free. Tom gets hurt when these are happening, and Jim brings Tom to the farm with a doctor. Tom explains all of these to his Aunt Sally and uncle. Aunt Sally forgives Huck and Tom. Also, Tom says that Jim was set free by his owner. Jim is now completely free. Tom wants to join on the adventure with Huck and Native American. But Huck wants to go to the woods because he is running from his family. Tom tells Huck that he does not need to run anymore because his father is dead.