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Othello - William Shakespeare


Othello Analysis

William Shakespeare, born in 1564, is undoubtedly considered one of the greatest writers in the world. Shakespeare has produced a wide range of genres and is the owner of more than a hundred works. The English writer, who made great contributions to English, was a master who gained the respect of people during his lifetime, he also gained respect and love after his death, like many writers. Almost all of his works are adapted to theater, cinema and opera. Let's talk about his work “Othello”.

Othello Short Summary

Othello is a 5-act tragedy and focuses on a wide range of topics. Some of these issues are racism, love, jealousy, betrayal and morality. There are many people in the work and each one is loaded with very characteristic features. If we introduce characters; Othello, the protagonist of the work, is a black commander and does his job very well. Iago, the villain of the work, almost all events revolve around Iago. A ruthless, hypocritical man with a heart full of grudge and hatred. Iago is also the sergeant of Othello, but he is also hostile to Othello because he replaced him with Cassio. This is the main reason for all the events in the work. Desdemona is Othello's favorite woman. These include a naive man named Roderigo, Emilia, Iago's wife, and Bianca, who falls in love with Othello's aide. The work begins with Othello and Desdemona's love for each other. But Desdemona's father, Brabantio, is very racist and does not want to marry his daughter to a black man. Even though her daughter has repeatedly expressed her love for Othello, Brabantio refuses to marry her daughter and Desdemona escapes to the man she loves and they marry. On the night she escaped, a few people who witnessed it immediately tells Brabantio and Brabantio says that he disowns her because she married a black man.

In the following days, the Ottoman-Venetian War broke out and Othello and Desdemona had to go to Cyprus. But there are so many storms in the sea that the ships barely reach Cyprus. Desdemona, Cassio, Iago and his wife, Emilia, are anxiously awaiting the ship to which Othello arrived, even if they had landed first. Cassio consoles Desdemona, who thinks that something bad might happen to her husband. Iago, who sees this picture and already seeks opportunities, has very bad plans in mind. In the end, Othello reached Cyprus, but the Ottomans, whose ships were damaged by the severe storm, did not start the war.

Iago has a naive friend: Roderigo. This man is unrequitedly in love with Othello's wife, Desdemona.Iago distracts him by promising to meet Desdemona and spends his money. While waiting for Othello, he immediately sets up his plans and tells Roderigo that Cassio is in love with Desdemona. In the face of this situation, they decide to unite and dismiss Cassio from adjutancy, in favor of both of them. One night, Roderigo starts a fight that seems like Cassio started and their plan works. Othello has dismissed Cassio. On the one hand, Iago, who treats Cassio as a friend, he tells him to ask Othello's wife, Desdemona, to be forgiving and ask her husband to talk to her about returning to office. Cassio finds this idea wise and goes to talk to Desdemona as soon as possible. Iago's plans work one by one and Iago is happy to do so. His next plan is to make Cassio look like he is in love with Desdemona and tell Othello everything that is actually trying to make him forgive. Again everything goes well and Iago tells everything to Othello one by one. Othello, who was very much in love with his wife, does not believe Iago at first and asks for evidence each time. What Iago did and offered Othello something to believe in, and now the young commander is looking for revenge. No matter how much he loves his wife, he cannot take that he was cheated and strangles Desdemona in his own bed one night. That night, things get mixed up and Iago's whole foyer comes out. Realizing that he has unfairly killed his lover, Othello is devastated and orders Iago to be tortured and killed immediately. He kills himself with a dagger after saying: “Call me a foolish, but loving person, not an easy jealous man, but once he's jealous, he's a loser.”